God has called Westside: A Jesus Church to invest in the development of people for His kingdom. 

Mobilize – We develop knowledge, heart, and experience that enables you to launch out into the next chapter of your story passionately, and effectively.

Next Generation – The Church is ever-changing as it adapts to the culture it reaches. The emerging generation plays an exciting role in this challenge as they become the kingdom's new leaders and disciple-makers.

Kingdom – Our identity is the people of God on the mission of God. We want you to discover how you fit into the story of God, to bring restoration and blessing to Earth as He establishes His Kingdom.

Calling – We want you to discover what God is calling you to. We help you explore the vision God is revealing for you and your life, from being a worship leader to a nurse, a teacher through to an engineer.

We are looking for students who want to lay a foundation for life in the Bible and theology, are developing their awareness of their calling and gifts, and want to orient themselves around Jesus and his mission ready for the next chapter of their lives.

In the full-time Foundation Program you spend nine months studying, and growing here in Portland, as part of an amazing tight-knit community. Then you spend two months on a mission trip to a new culture. Everyone learns about the Bible, theology, spiritual life, and leadership, participates in internships, and spends time with a personal mentor. Plus, there are three streams – areas of emphasis to choose from: mission, theology, and worship.

You can also attend as a part-time student, while you continue to work or engage with other commitments, spreading the program over two years.

Please contact us at info@schoolofmtw.org to chat, ask questions, or to arrange a visit. Applications for the 2017-2018 year are now open!