School Volunteer Opportunities

Westside School of Mission, Theology and Worship exists to mobilize the next generation to fulfill their kingdom calling. We want to see a generation inspired and equipped to passionately partner with God in the restoration of the world. So, we gather around a group of Jesus followers from September to May each year, to teach and disciple them as God transforms and develops them, and then we send them out on a two-month trip overseas.

This all takes a lot of input from people God uses to care for, encourage, and serve this community! But, being a part of the student’s journey is an amazing opportunity to be encouraged by watching God working in people’s lives. We would like to include more people who are passionate about God’s kingdom mission, have a heart for our vision, and can join us in this work.

We do have some specific needs, which means we need to put people who would like to serve in a place that suits their skills and calling. So, if you’d like to join us, please pray about the opportunities below and click ‘serve’ to fill out a short form that will let us know a bit about you. If you have questions about anything, please get in touch at Thanks for considering serving with us – we’re blessed to see the Church engage our students!




Each of our students is assigned a mentor, who they meet with regularly (normally every two weeks). Mentors are an anchor to the normal world of following Jesus outside the church building. They support and encourage the students, as well as asking them the tough questions, and holding them accountable. Above all they disciple them, passing on what God has taught them along their route to spiritual maturity, and helping the student process their own journey.



Food is an amazing catalyst for community, so we eat lunch together on Monday and Tuesday. Having food ready for a group of hungry students takes quite a lot of work, from shopping through to cooking. This is a really practical way to get involved and bless the community.





Sending groups of students to serve with churches and ministries all over the world takes a lot of research and planning. Plus, we have two retreats to plan! But for a detail oriented person who loves to organize, this could be an amazing way to support the students. We have built up some great connections, but each year we need to plan travel itineraries, schedule shots, research flights, and so on. If this is your happy space – let us know!



A lot of our students can struggle with their reading, projects and assignments. Often, they get discouraged, lack confidence, or have been out of education for a while. They need basic help organizing their work and time, unpacking tasks into manageable parts, and someone to cheer them on and support them. You won’t need to teach them – they need to do the work! But a background in education, and/or Bible and theology may help you support them effectively. This is a good opportunity to be a lifeline for students who want to grow, but find the work tough going.



It takes quite a bit of work to keep track of all of our books, and make sure they are well cared for. The aim, of course, is to facilitate our students using them and learning more! We would love help cataloging, sorting, and maintaining our books. This will only take a little bit of regular time, but for someone who loves book, could be a great way to get involved in the life of the school.