In core classes we look at how the Bible shapes our thinking theologically. In the theology stream you have the opportunity to discuss topics in greater detail, and go deep into the difference theology makes to our faith, life, mission and community, and to explore the variety of Christian expressions of belief throughout history, and across traditions. You love to think deeply, and explore and learn from different perspectives, so that you can understand what you believe, articulate Gods story, and engage others.

You investigate how values, culture, and tradition shape how you think about theology, and explore the connections between different theological commitments. Theology is a human attempt to articulate the truth God has revealed in a way we can connect with and apply. So, you think creatively about how we can articulate God and His story to our emerging culture; exploring the possibilities for belief within the limits of the Bible’s framework.

You pick through the details of the issues, developing an awareness of the tensions that get us thinking, along with the answers to the questions those tensions provoke. You spend time diving into more exposition of the Bible, learning to interpret, apply, and communicate God’s Word. You explore some of the questions that concern people, such as the impact of God’s providence on free will, the problem of evil, the nature of Jesus’ humanity, and the origin of the Bible. You continually ask how our theology affects how we worship, do life, and treat people.