Practicum Trips


After nine months growing in classes, internships, mentoring and friendship, we will be sending you out to new cultural contexts to serve. We call these two month trips the practicum, because they are the opportunity for you to really press into all the things you have been learning by putting them into practice in a new and challenging setting. This is the capstone to your development over the year, as you live on mission, loving and blessing others, radically relying on Jesus and the Spirit, going beyond your comfort zone to say, “any place, any time, any cost!”

You will go in small teams to work together with established ministries, church plants, social justice projects, orphanages, worship teams, outreach events, refugee care and more. The trust and community built in Portland will be taken to the next level as you learn to care for each other as a team. You will work alongside experienced local leaders and pastors – insiders to the culture you can learn from.

While in Portland you will be learning about how to build a support base for these trips, so that you have people behind you, praying for you, and encouraging you. You will also learn about fundraising, and will be raising the funds to cover the trip during the school year. After the practicum we spend a week celebrating and hearing what God has done, as we debrief and reflect on the experience.

Our part-time students often have different commitments to our full-time students (such as kids you can’t leave for two months, jobs, etc). If you are a part-time student we will work with you to identify what the best practicum experience will be for you to finish the program. There are lots of options for how you can complete your learning through the opportunity to put it all into practice.

Recently, teams have gone to:

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Glasgow, Scotland

Hastings, England

Toronto, Canada

Zimbabwe (several locations)


If you would like to donate to our current students' trips, please follow this link! You can also see some updates from these trips on our social media pages.